Deep Assignments: A Ballardian Mix.
Compiled by Philip Sanderson and mixed by DJ Huysmans for the Ballardian Breakfast Briefing/Midnight Seance virtual launch event for Applied Ballardianism.

Track list:

1. Alan Lamb, ‘Primal Image’ (excerpt)
2. Johann Johannsson, ‘The Drowned World’
3. Locrian, ‘The Crystal World’
4. The Velvet Underground, ‘Venus in Furs’
5. JG Thirlwell, ‘World War III as a Conceptual Act’ (from the film The Atrocity Exhibition)
6. Joy Division, ‘Atrocity Exhibition’
7. Hawkwind, ‘High-Rise’
8. Howard Shore, ‘eXistenZ by Antenna’ (from the film eXistenZ)
9. Loop, ‘Shot With a Diamond’
10. Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes, ‘Energy Flash’
11. Rufige Kru, ‘T3’
12. Doc Scott, ‘The Unofficial Ghost’
13. Photek, ‘UFO’
14. Tango, ‘Understanding’
15. Mo Boma, ‘The Kindness of Women’
16. Trevor Duncan, ‘The Girl’ (from the film La Jetée)
17. Portishead, ‘SOS’ (from the film High-Rise)
18. Fleetwood Mac, ‘Peacekeeper’
19. Dan Melchior’s Broke Revue, ‘Me and J.G. Ballard’
20. Lee Ann Womack, ‘Berenstain Bears Theme Tune’