Received by Urbanomic in support of Applied Ballardianism: Memoir from a Parallel Universe:

Iain Sinclair, author London Orbital

“An intensely worked and engaged encounter. I admired the persistence, ‘honesty’ and elective madness. The storms carried me through, all the way.”

McKenzie Wark, author A Hacker Manifesto

“At first, Simon Sellars appears to be a character in a JG Ballard novel. Then Ballard appears to be a character in a Simon Sellars novel. Then not just the characters but the whole setting and ambience appear to be at once Ballardian and Sellarsian. Then you finish the book and you seem to be a character in a novel the two of them conspired to write. And your perception of the world is never the same again.”

Tim Maughan, author Infinite Detail

“Applied Ballardianism is an astonishing book, part fictionalised hallucinatory memoir, part essential Ballard primer, all written in the style of the great man himself. Whether you’re new to JG Ballard or a lifelong fan, this is a thrilling read, cut through with equal parts black humor, cultural insight, and existential horror.”

Mark Dery, author Born to Be Posthumous: The Eccentric Life and Mysterious Genius of Edward Gorey

“In Applied Ballardianism, Simon Sellars has invented a genre all his own. But what is it, exactly? Postmodern autopathography? Rough Guide to the Desert of the Real? Notes toward a mental breakdown? The missing link between Ballard and Virilio, psychogeography and edgeland studies, Mad Max and Videodrome? One thing is certain: Applied Ballardianism is the only book you’ll need when you’re marooned on a concrete island, barricaded in a high rise that’s descending into anarchy, or cast away on some Enewetak of the unconscious. “