Applied Ballardianism: A Theory of Nothing

Applied Ballardianism: A Theory of Nothing

This is Applied Ballardianism: A Theory of Nothing…

J.G. Ballard connects William Gibson.

And William Gibson connects Bruce Sterling. And Bruce Sterling connects George Miller. And George Miller connects Peter Weir. And Peter Weir connects Jean Baudrillard. And Jean Baudrillard connects Billy Idol. And Billy Idol connects David Cronenberg. And David Cronenberg connects John Perry Barlow. And John Perry Barlow connects Mick Jagger. And Mick Jagger connects Oprah Whinfrey. And Oprah Whinfrey connects Negativland. And Negativland connects Michael Moorcock. And Michael Moorcock connects Ronald Reagan. And Ronald Reagan connects Isaac Asimov. And Isaac Asimov connects William Shatner. And William Shatner connects William Burroughs. And William Burroughs connects M.C. Escher. And M.C. Escher connects Paul Virilio.

And John Carpenter connects Jerry Springer. And Jerry Springer connects Steven Spielberg. And Steven Spielberg connects Paul Verhoeven. And Paul Verhoeven connects W.G. Sebald. And W.G. Sebald connects Scarlett Johansson. And Scarlett Johansson connects Hendrik Willem Mesdag. And Hendrik Willem Mesdag connects H.R. Giger. And H.R. Giger connects Chris Marker. And Chris Marker connects Carl Jung. And Carl Jung connects Nelson Mandela. And Nelson Mandela connects Marc Augé. And Marc Augé connects Andrei Tarkovsky. And Andrei Tarkovsky connects Michel de Montaigne. And Michel de Montaigne connects Hakim Bey. And Hakim Bey connects Hubert Selby Jr. And Hubert Selby Jr connects Piet Blom. And Piet Blom connects Salvador Dali. And Salvador Dali connects Albert Camus. And Albert Camus connects Thomas Mann.

And Marguerite Duras connects Christian Bale. And Christian Bale connects Iain Sinclair. And Iain Sinclair connects Princess Di. And Princess Di connects Elizabeth Taylor. And Elizabeth Taylor connects Margaret Thatcher. And Margaret Thatcher connects Jim Jones. And Jim Jones connects David Koresh. And David Koresh connects Simon Winchester. And Simon Winchester connects Jimmy Dee. And Jimmy Dee connects Cheap Trick. And Cheap Trick connects Vanilla Ice. And Vanilla Ice connects H.P Lovecraft. And H.P. Lovecraft connects Harry Houdini. And Harry Houdini connects Stanley Kubrick. And Stanley Kubrick connects Peter Watkins. And Peter Watkins connects Robert Anton Wilson. And Robert Anton Wilson connects Elvis Presley. And Elvis Presley connects David Lynch.

And Friedrich Nietzsche connects the Velvet Underground. And the Velvet Underground connects Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. And Leopold von Sacher-Masoch connects Hunter S. Thompson. And Hunter S. Thompson connects Aleister Crowley. And Aleister Crowley connects Kenneth Grant. And Kenneth Grant connects Ted Carnell. And Ted Carnell connects Benjamin Noys. And Benjamin Noys connects Anna Karina. And Anna Karina connects Jean-Luc Godard. And Jean-Luc Godard connects Michel Houellebecq. And Michel Houellebecq connects Louis-Ferdinand Celine. And Louis-Ferdinand Celine connects Francis Ford Coppola. And Francis Ford Coppola connects Don DeLillo. And Don DeLillo connects George A. Romero. And George A. Romero connects Erwin S. Strauss. And Erwin S. Strauss connects Fleetwood Mac.

And David Bowie connects Prince Leonard of Hutt River. And Prince Leonard of Hutt River connects Prince Roy of Sealand. And Prince Roy of Sealand connects Dan Melchior. And Dan Melchior connects Jacques Derrida. And Jacques Derrida connects Roger Corman. And Roger Corman connects Michael Jackson. And Michael Jackson connects Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. And Mahmoud al-Mabhouh connects the Kronos Quartet. And the Kronos Quartet connects Marc Bolan. And Marc Bolan connects Andy Warhol. And Andy Warhol connects Frederick Valentich. And Frederick Valentich connects Callum Morton. And Callum Morton connects Marion Shoard. And Marion Shoard connects Richard Box. And Richard Box connects Chopper Read. And Chopper Read connects Alan Lamb. And Alan Lamb connects Jorge Luis Borges. And Jorge Luis Borges connects J.G. Ballard.

And J.G. Ballard connects me.